Subjects I Speak About (Women’s Health Innovation)

  • Femtech and the Women’s Health Innovation Industry
  • The Biggest Women’s Health Innovation Opportunities
  • Investing in Women’s Health
  • Building Femtech Startups
  • Marketing Femtech Startups
  • “So you want to start a femtech company…”: How to Fo from 0-1 and 1-100
  • The Role of AI in Women’s Health nnovation
  • Why Stigmatization is Hurting Innnovation in Women’s Health
  • Patient Perspective: Living with PCOS
  • From Pain to Power: How My PCOS Diagnosis Led me to Founding Femtech Insider

Subjects I Speak About (Media)

  • The Creator Economy
  • How I Bootstrapped an Industry-Leading Media Company
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • The Power of SEO
  • Your Audience Knows Best: Co-creation for Media Companies
  • How to Build an Engaged Audience
  • How to Get Your First 1000 Readers

Subjects I Speak About (Entrepreneurship, Startups & VC)

  • Independent Business: Opportunties and Challenges
  • What It’s Like to Be a Female Founder of a Women’s Health Company
  • Should You Start a Media Company
  • Why Self-Development Is Key to Business Success
  • Productivity for Solo-Entrepreneurs

Professional Experience

Founder of Femtech Insider (B2B women’s health innovation online publication)

Founder of PERLA Health (digital health women’s health startup)

Managing Director – International at Hearsay Systems (fintech marketing scale-up)

Product Manager at Prezi (productivity SaaS scale-up)

Head of Marketing at Tupalo.com (review media business)

International Marketing Manager at Hewlett-Packard (hardware, software & services)

Advisory Board Roles

Women’s Health Innovation Summit (leading global women’s health innovation industry platform)

Goddess Gaia Ventures (UK-based women’s health focused venture fund)


I’m an award-winning media entrepreneur, women’s health advocate, international speaker & consultant. I work with corporate innovators, VC firms, research institutions, advocacy groups, and other mission-driven organizations.

I write for Femtech Insider, the B2B media company I founded 3 years ago, Entrepreneur.com, and various other publications. Usually I talk about femtech, entrepreneurship, startups and venture capital, or PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), the under-researched and underserved hormonal condition I was diagnosed with a couple of years ago. I recently started working on my first book.

I’m passionate about the femtech ecosystem, media innovation, location-independent entrepreneurship as well as bringing more diversity to startups and VC.


I am available for media scheduling and consulting. I have access to a complete microphone / sound system & green screen setup, and studio for podcasts and other online appearances. I usually fly out of Sofia airport (Bulgaria).

Contact: kathrin (at) femtechinsider (dot) com