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  • Barbie, Femtech & The Power of Resilience

    Barbie, Femtech & The Power of Resilience

    This post was first published on Femtech Insider on July 28, 2023. For those of you who haven’t seen the film: At some point in the movie Barbieland, the magical queendom where Barbies rule, is taken over by the Kens, throwing the Barbie community into a state of chaos. Faced with this sudden, gargantuan challenge, the main…

  • Berlin, baby!

    Berlin, baby!

    I’m at a coffee shop in Berlin right now, sipping on oat milk cappuccino, and watching Berlin life pass by on a rainy Friday afternoon. I’m about to leave for the airport after spending the past couple of days with entrepreneurs, advocates, investors, and many other stakeholders from all corners of the German femtech ecosystem.…